Entry #2

2D Animation Demo Reel of Andy Bauer

2010-02-26 09:23:09 by Art-by-Andy

I finally got a chance to get this done. It's been long overdue. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating these fantastic characters!

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2010-02-26 09:40:56

That was very profession....oh wait your gay. fag


2010-02-26 09:47:02

that is a fuckin long demo reel.
like Id allready seen everything you can do by about 01:50.


2010-02-26 09:56:13

i like your graphic design and characters. wish there was more FBF animation in there

Art-by-Andy responds:

Thanks. I'm definitely an illustrator and less of an animator. However, I'm really attracted to the tween-style or constrained-style animation. It's a good thing because I'm not patient enough for FBF animation.


2010-02-26 10:18:27

tweens sure are GAY


2010-02-26 10:47:05

tweens sure are GAY


2010-02-26 18:09:19

Actually Tweens are 11 or 12 years old.


2010-02-27 13:56:07

damn dude, your good at this :D

Art-by-Andy responds:

Thanks! I appreciate that.


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